Wednesday, April 1, 2015

PAW Highlights Yadin Kaufmann's Middle East Investments

The April 1 issue of the Princeton Alumni Weekly featured Yadin Kaufmann in an article titled, "Yadin Kaufmann '80: Building High-Tech Bridges." The article discussed Kaumann's success in mentoring Palestinian entrepreneurs from the West Bank. The article states,

So last year he started the Palestinian Internship Program, which offers high-tech professionals the opportunity to polish their skills and expand their contacts by working for Israeli and multinational companies. The program — which started with eight interns, most of whom came from the West Bank — is the first to place Palestinians in internships with tech companies in Israel.

Kaufmann, a New Yorker who emigrated to Israel in 1985, worked for several years at Israel’s first venture-capital fund, Athena Venture Partners. He now runs Sadara Ventures, the first investment fund to focus on Palestinian technology companies, which he co-founded with a Palestinian partner, Saed Nashef. The firm is looking to cultivate “the WebMDs and the Booking.coms of the Mideast” and give Palestinian professionals the chance to build their businesses at home, rather than having to emigrate to tech sectors overseas, says Kaufmann, who lives near Tel Aviv with his wife, Lori Banov Kaufmann ’81.

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