Friday, January 28, 2011

Honorary Classmate Michael Graves Featured in NY Times Article

The paintings of honorary classmate Michael Graves will be appearing in a show at Rider University Art Gallery. The New York Times ran a big illustrated story about Graves, an architect, and the show. The story begins,

SCRATCH most architecture wonks, and at some point they’ve studied the house that Michael Graves began creating for himself here in 1969. A 1920s furniture storehouse remade to evoke a Tuscan villa, it sits as solidly in the canon as it rests in the Italianate grounds he laid out around this laboratory for the classically inflected ideas, forms and design vocabulary that helped make his name. It has been widely covered, visited and debated. Every room, niche and cranny, which helped give shape to the movement that became postmodernism, has been photographed.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Princeton Alumni Weekly: Goodbye, corporate life!

Sharon Keld published an essay in the December 8, 2010 Princeton Alumni Weekly about her adventures in the Peace Corps, what comes next after her time in the corporate world.

Princeton Alumni Weekly: Goodbye, corporate life!