Thursday, April 7, 2011

Josh Kornbluth finds Warhol, and Judaism

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency has published an article about Josh Kornbluth's latest one-man show, titled, “Andy Warhol: Good for the Jews?” In it, Josh discusses his new interest in Jewish topics, and his upcoming bar mitzvah in Israel. The article begins,

Josh Kornbluth didn’t find his Jewish identity the typical way.

It was pop artist Andy Warhol who sparked the process that brought the successful San Francisco Bay Area performer, now 52, to discover Torah, synagogue -- and, in a few months, a bar mitzvah in Israel.

“I was raised orthodox – orthodox communist!” Kornbluth said as he sat down with JTA over a plate of bacon and eggs to discuss his newfound appreciation of his Jewish roots. “Zionism was the enemy in our house.”

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Douglas McGrath Lights Up HBO with Documentary on Jerry Weintraub

Douglas McGrath has written and directed a feature-length documentary, "His Way," that just debuted on HBO. It details the colorful career of film producer and manager Jerry Weintraub. Doug found quite a story to tell in the person of Weintraub, a legendary Hollywood figure and tale-spinner. In its positive review of the documentary, The Hollywood Reporter says,

McGrath amuses himself by cutting back and forth between Weintraub and his wife of 45 years, singer Jane Morgan, telling the same story, alternating between the two from line to line in telling a story that has resided for so long in the couple’s repertoire. The story about Weintraub’s mother finally accepting his non-Jewish wife into the family is classic.

Eve Beglarian's Music and Stories Featured in Oregon Performance

Eve Beglarian will be appearing at the Alberta Rose Theater in Portland, Ore., on Friday, April 8 to perform music and tell stories from her epic 2009 journey down the length of the Mississippi River. For more information an an interview with Eve, click here.

This YouTube video also discusses the project and shows photos and music inspired by the trip.

Honorary Classmate Michael Graves's Target Project

Architect-designer Michael Graves H'80 discussed his 15 years of work designing products for Target Stores, in the New York Times.

The article notes,

And although he has been paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair since 2003, the 76-year-old architect shows no signs of stopping. His most recent products for Target, cleaning tools and kitchen accessories, reached stores last week.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Princeton Alumni Weekly: Not your mother's Princeton

Arlene Pedovich and Daughter Rebecca Kaufman '11 were featured in a PAW article on alumnae mothers and daughters.

Princeton Alumni Weekly: Not your mother's Princeton

Laura McPhee Photos Featured in Exhibit of Mountain Art

Several photographs by Laura McPhee are featured in an exhibit called "Alpine Desire" running at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York through May 8. More examples of Laura's work can be found at her website,