Wednesday, October 10, 2007

John Rogers Featured in PAW Article About Barack Obama's Campaign

The latest issue of PAW features an article, "Portraits of Purpose," about black leadership in Chicago and its role in Barack Obama's presidential campaign. John Rogers, founder of Ariel Capital Management, figures prominently in the story. It starts,
In 1991, an understated young law school graduate asked John Rogers ’80 for help. He said his name was Barack Obama and he wanted to register African-Americans to vote in Chicago. The Project Vote assignment seemed an unlikely one, neither high-profile nor high-paying, certainly not the gilt-edged job that Obama, president of the Harvard Law Review, could command in the big city. But the mission rang true with Rogers, who became the financial co-chairman of Obama’s effort.

Monday, September 17, 2007

'Prince' Writes About Josh Kornbluth and His Thesis (Finally Almost Done)

The Daily Princetonian has published an article about Josh Kornbluth and his renewed determination to submit a thesis in politics. The article said, "With his adviser's help, Kornbluth advanced through the thesis, even going so far as to complete his thesis in the style he often uses professionally: an extended monologue. "Citizen Josh," a one-man show, is his thesis. It tells the story of its completion and touches on his time at Princeton and his thoughts about democracy. It played in two theaters in the Bay Area for a total of 50 performances this summer."

Friday, September 14, 2007

Engineering School's Website Features Florence Hudson

A story on the Engineering School's website about undergraduates and internships discussed the work of Florence Hudson at IBM. This past summer she was the mentor of mechanical and aerospace engineering major Zhen Xia. The article about the Preparing to Lead Internship program said,

Florence Hudson, the vice president of marketing and strategy for IBM mainframe System z, served as Xia's mentor throughout the summer. A 1980 Princeton graduate with a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering, Hudson jumped at the chance to share what she has learned throughout her career. Over the course of the summer, she met with Xia regularly to discuss leadership and engage him in real projects.