Sunday, June 25, 2017

Eve Beglarian Honored by Herb Alpert Award in the Arts

Composer Eve Beglarian was honored in May as a recipient of the Herb Alpert Award in the Arts, as the honoree in the music category. The program provides an unrestricted $75,000 grant, given to "risk-taking mid-career artists" in dance, film/video, music, theater and the visual arts. The description of her work says:

Composer Eve Beglarian draws her inspiration from a great many things: from a warning siren in Plaquemine, Louisiana and Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis,” to the hand pumps she encountered at the beginning of her four-month-long “one-person WPA project,” traveling down the Mississippi. In 2001, using found texts as inspiration, she began, “A Book of Days,” one piece for every day of the year. Currently numbering more than 120 compositions, they are available for free on the web and by email subscription. Collaboration – with choreographers, poets, visual artists, filmmakers, theatre directors, and rural communities – is at the core of her practice. Her latest work, “Lighten Up,” an evening-length multi-media event made with people who have been struck in mid-life by visions, premieres in Spring 2018.

John Rogers Talks Investment Strategies on Consuelo Mack's "Wealthtrack" program

John Rogers, the founder, CEO and chief investment officer of Ariel Investments, recently sat down for a half-hour discussion with financial journalist Consuelo Mack on her "Wealthtrack" program aired on June 14, 2017 on PBS. It in, Rogers discussed his "slow, steady and contrarian approach" to successful investing.

It should be noted that the Ariel website features photos of turtles, so the visual message is definitely consistent with Rogers' investment strategy.