Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jed Rubenfeld Co-Writes The Triple Package" with the One and Only Tiger Mom

We're a little late to the literary furor, but we certainly wanted to note the publication of the latest furor-provoking book co-write by classmate Jed Rubenfeld and his wife and fellow Yale Law professor, Amy Chua. "The Triple Package" looks at the success in the U.S. of specific ethnic groups and seeks to analyze the factors behind their success. Promotional materials lay out the book's thesis:

Why do some groups rise? Drawing on groundbreaking original research and startling statistics, The Triple Package uncovers the secret to their success. A superiority complex, insecurity, impulse control—these are the elements of the Triple Package, the rare and potent cultural constellation that drives disproportionate group success. The Triple Package is open to anyone. America itself was once a Triple Package culture. It’s been losing that edge for a long time now. Even as headlines proclaim the death of upward mobility in America, the truth is that the old-fashioned American Dream is very much alive—but some groups have a cultural edge, which enables them to take advantage of opportunity far more than others.

For those readers who have been living in an Internet-free isolation chamber for the past four years with no exposure to the furors of American culture, Chua  rose to notoriety in 2011 when she published "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom," about her distinctive mothering style involving her two daughters with Rubenfeld, Sophia and Lulu.

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