Monday, March 24, 2014

Adam Bellow Launches "Liberty Island' Website for Creative Conservative Writers

Adam Bellow is shaking up the market for smart conservative fiction and speculative writing with his just-launched website, Liberty Island. As the publisher and CEO, Bellows brings to the project his eye for provocative literary projects that go against the prevailing cultural grain. He currently runs Broadside, the conservative imprint of Harper/Collins, which published Donald Rumsfeld '54's memoir, Rumsfeld Rules.

In an interview with the website PJ Media, Bellow explained the thinking behind the site, which has genres such as dystopia, alt-history, humor, mystery/thriller, horror and military. One cheeky article is, "Can You Write Better Than Maureen Dowd? A Liberty Island Contest." Bellow explains the site's goals and approach:

We started Liberty Island to help the new wave of conservative storytellers connect with their natural audience. Even before launching the site we’ve discovered dozens of new voices on the right that you won’t find anywhere else. These are talented and creative people who have previously been excluded from mainstream culture because they hold the wrong views and didn’t go to the right schools or attend the approved writing programs. This just confirms our hunch that something like Liberty Island is desperately needed. . . 

Liberty Island combines a magazine, a free range self-publishing platform, and a community of readers and writers who share a commitment to the values of freedom, individualism, and American exceptionalism. It also has a unique mission: to serve as the platform and gathering-place for the new right-of-center counterculture.

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