Sunday, December 11, 2011

Eve Beglarian to Hold 3 RiverProject Concerts in NYC in January

Eve Beglarian has several updates on her ongoing RiverProject, which began with her kayak and bike journey down the Mississippi River in 2009.

On January 21, 27 and 28, she will be performing at the Henry Street Settlement's Abrons Arts Center on Grand Street in New York. Each of the three evenings will feature BRIM, her duo with Mary Rowell, along with different guest artists on each of the three evenings, including Newspeak, loadbang, and Guidonian Hand, among others. There will be repertoire unique to each show, along with some pieces that will be performed in wildly different arrangements each night. According to the Henry Street website,

The three concerts comprise a mini-festival of music from the RiverProject, with some overlapping repertoire in varied arrangements each night, and some repertoire unique to each concert. Everywhere there are echoes of the folk, blues, jazz, and funk that have grown up in the regions touched by the river. The music also reflects a range of texts and influences that arose from meeting and talking with an array of individuals along the river, which make a unique statement about modern day America.

Along with these performances, BRIM has released the first of what will be a series of recordings of River Project music. A limited edition of 250 signed CDs, it's a four-song EP that can be purchased on Eve's website, here, only while supplies last.

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