Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jamie Clements and Family's Excellent "Open Road Scholars" Adventure

Jamie Clements and wife Diana took their two daughters, Noe and Carolina, last fall on a cross-country adventure in home schooling and exploration, captured on their family blog In an email, Jamie described the logistics and the plan thusly:

Here are the vital statistics on the "big adventure"...

1 Winnebago
3 dogs
4 people
16 weeks
49 states
17,000 miles

. . . which, of course, does not begin to convey the extraordinary experience we all shared.

We left Santa Fe on August 18, 2008, and returned home December 3. Our website ends in Atlanta because, by then, we were utterly exhausted and used all of our remaining energy and resources to finish the trip.

We came closer together as a family (which is a little hard not to do in a 27-foot RV with, maybe, 150 square feet of living space) and connected with our twin daughters in a way that will not be possible again as they move into high school in September.

We saw every part of the US, which was amazing, and watched two historic events unfold as we traveled: the presidential election and the crash of our economic system. Now that's something to remember!

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